Thursday, May 5, 2011

LIFE AFTER DEATH.................?????

As long as we live, had we asked ourselves some question and find the accurate answer?

Please think those questions carefully.

After we die, what will happen to human?

There is life after death?

If you said NO and do not want to believe it, it is okay. But if there is life after death and it is truly happen one day, what will you do?

In life, have you plan the future? Every person had planned the future. Working hard so that when become old, they can live peacefully. Me too.

the person who did not plan anything during young time, they will regret when they become old. right?

So, if there is life after death, and happen one day, will we regret it? Not ask you to believe, but why you do not find it while you are still living now? We still have chance to find the truth and answer the question in ourselves.

Or you want to know the truth after death?

Think about it.